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Thread: contentObject element in zimlet definition file

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    Default contentObject element in zimlet definition file


    I have gone through sample zimlets like that for date,url,emails...
    In all of them the contentObject element specifies a attribute named type.

    Can anybody please tell me what does that represent and what is its purpose??


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    It's there largely for historical reason. New zimlets don't need type attribute in contentObject element.

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    Default One more query

    Thanks a lot JLee for your reply.

    I have one more query to ask about regarding contentObject.

    The scenario is i have to select some content in the email with the mouse and in the contextmenu i have provided some menu items clicking on which a dialog gets opened up with a input field.What i need to do is the content which is previously selected by the user should get populated in the input field of the dialog box opened on click of a contextMenu Item.

    I have no idea regarding how to do this and hence would appreciate every suggestion from anybody.

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    ZmZimletBase has a match method. Maybe you could overload that method and play with it.

    {array} match(content, startIndex)
    This method is called when content (e.g. a mail message) is being parsed. The match method may be called multiple times for a given piece of content and should apply the pattern matching as defined for a given zimlet <regex>. Zimlets should also use the "g" option when constructing their <regex>.

    The return should be an array in the form:

    result[0...n] // should be matched string(s)
    result.index // should be location within line where match occurred
    result.input // should be the input parameter content

    {string} content
    the content line to perform a match against
    {number} startIndex
    the start index (i.e. where to begin the search)

    {array} the matching content object from the startIndex if the content matched the specified zimlet handler regular expression; otherwise null

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