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Thread: Cleaning up mailbox space with Zimcleaner

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    Default Cleaning up mailbox space with Zimcleaner

    Today I want to share with you a zimlet I started to develop some months ago.

    The Zimbra web client does not provide a way of visualizing how the used space is distributed. Zimcleaner's aim is to analyze the user's mailbox and ease its cleaning, while it gives useful suggestions and posible actions to take.

    - Use of space: Inbox, Sent, ... and subfolders
    - Mailbox analysis: Trash, drafts and briefcase overuse. Too many heavy or old messages. Too many unread messages.
    - Clean-up action: Empty trash, export heavy or old messages and automatically tags them.

    Some of my users are currently using it, but I doubt about its utility. This is why I need feedback.

    I hope you can give it an opportunity.
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