I wonder if you'd be able to help with a customisation of the "Attachment alert" zimlet?

Currently this scans for a keyword and alerts if no attachment is attached.

We would like to adapt this to scan for a list of banned attachments.

A soft ban should bring up a confirmation dialogue box asking the user to confirm sending with the banned attachment and a BCC of the email to an administrator.

A hard ban should not allow the email to be sent.

We need this as we do not want modifiable Office documents sent out - they should be PDF. Therefore our keyword list should scan for the office extensions.

I have tried modifying the existing "Attachment alert" zimlet but do not seem to be reading the attachment extension correctly.

There is a huge amount of activity asking for banning of extensions by filetype (with filters such as by user) on Zimbra. I think this zimlet would be very popular.

I am prepared to offer a small bounty - maybe $100?

I hope you can help.