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Thread: Change Zimlet Icon??

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    Question Change Zimlet Icon??

    I'm new to working with Zimlets, and I am curious if the following is possible. We are working on a Zimlet that will be checking an external source for some info We want the checks to be done automatically though...maybe when a get mail is done or the every 5 minute refresh. If a flag is set external source that the zimlet would be checking for, we would like the Zimlet icon to change in some form..maybe change colors or something.

    I'm pretty sure we can get everything done, but not sure about the Zimlet icon and auto-checking in the 5 minute refresh. Anyone have any suggestions?


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    Default Re : Did you reach to any solution


    I want the same thing to be done. so did you find any solution for that?

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    I have also interest.

    how "dynamic" can Zimlets be, if there is no user action
    like mouse overs, or clicks - only a refresh of the GUI
    triggered by other actions?

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    A zimlet can't detect a resfresh of the GUI but it can search for example an url in a mail and create a snapshot (This zimlet is integrated in zimbra by default). You can try to make your zimlet detect something and redirect it to an other page. On the other page you can probably make a program to download the image from the external source and replace the image in the zimlet folder by the new. I think that then you should see the new icon appear after resfreshing your browser. Test it by changing the image in the zimlet folder without undeploying | deploying it.

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