I have the following zimlet.

<zimlet name="com_zimbra_rebalorder" version="1.2" description="Rebal Order Reports">
<regex attrs="ig">RebalOrderNo\d\d\d\d</regex>
<toolTip>Click on Right button on the mouse to see the options ${src.objectContent}</toolTip>
<menuItem label="Accept" id="Accept">
<canvas type="window" height="10" width="10" />
<actionUrl method="get" target="">
<param name="Action">ReBalance</param>
<param name="SubAction">RebalOrders</param>
<param name="firm_no">07</param>
<param name="trackid">${src.objectContent}</param>

I used the tag ${src.objectContent} in 2 places.

1. Tool Tip
2. Param

On mouse over I am able to see the value for ${src.objectContent} , but I am unable to send as parameter, some esace sequence numbers are populating instead of the value what I am seeing under tool tip. My question
is can't I use ${src.objectContent} for the param tags. If not is there any alternative approach?