Hi everybody.

I'm new to Zimbra and therefore to Zimlets.

I'm trying to create a zimlet that makes an http (GET or POST) request to a server in a computer on my local network.

I've been watching how other Zimlets do this, and I'm trying to use AjxRpc function to do this.

This function gets, as a parameter, the url to which you want to send your request. Every single zimlet I have seen use the variable ZmZimletBase.PROXY to form this url

var url = ZmZimletBase.PROXY + AjxStringUtil.urlEncode(dir);

My question is: Is there any way of creating an URL without using ZmZimletBase.PROXY? I have tried just removing it but AJxRpc throws an exception.
If I use the variable, the request is not addressed to the url I want, the resulting url is something like: http://(IP of Zimbra PC)/zimbra?target=(dir), and I dont want to send the request there.

I've also tried to modify ZmZimletBase.PROXY, same result: Exception was thrown.

How is the appropriate way to modify this variable?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks you very much in advance