I created a zimlet a few months ago and had to create a work around because of time constraints. I'm going to try to correct this workaround. My workaround is posted at Zimbra to PHP - ZimbraWiki

I want to extract the raw email, exactly like when you right click on an email and choose Show Original. I want this to be stuffed into a variable that I can _Post to another web site.

My work around was to extract it using REST (on Zimbra) and Curl (on external application). The only problem with this is passwords! My users cannot accept that when they change their password for Zimbra that they must change it in dotProject or erpAE.com.

I thought it would be easy to REST within my zimlet, extract the email and post it when the form is submitted. This has not proven easy to do. I think it's because I don't have a solid grasp on http requests in the Zimbra framework. If anyone has code, or can explain the code to pull this off, I would be very grateful, even willing to pay for the information. I've tried looking at several pieces of the zimbra source code and I'm getting close, but not there yet. I know its something simple that I'm missing.