I am not sure i am in the correct thread. here is what my problem is:
in a office VPN environment we have mixed windows and mac users. the VPN is window based.
I used wikipad ( voodoopad) and i wish to be able to direct my emails ( in and out) to that wikipad so that all staff can search/ view/ edit/ collaborate etc. same as Zimbra doing now.

Maybe Zimbra has that same feature, but the demo didnt show me much about that.

in a nut shell, i want to have a tool that has the zimbra features Plus document management ina VPN secure environment with mac and windows users .

Zimbra was able to recognise a Purchase order ! will be able to recognize a Job #?

is it possible to assign a link within an email to a document? or whatever else i need ?? ( Zimbra does link a name to address card ) if that is possible then Zimbra becomes the wikidatabase i am looking for.

thanks for your contributions