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After Domain Rename, Intermittent Toggling of Account Names Between Old and New

Posted: Tue Mar 02, 2010 5:10 pm
by jurness
After a smooth domain rename this past Saturday I did testing of mail and calendaring and all appeared to work as expected. Then yesterday (Monday) morning, user emails and events started coming from peoples' accounts using the old name- e.g When I look at their account information in the Admin console, accounts consistently show up correctly using the new domain, eg.
Then a few hours later, the user (and web client user)will send mail and now the return address is the correct new domain, then a few hours later it toggles back.
This is a serious problem. We can't have user's return address changing every couple of hours.

  • Taking the tried and true shotgun approach, I already restarted Zimbra and rebooted the server for good measure

  • I have verified on the server that the user account names are correct.

  • There is an alias domain so all email is arriving correctly.

  • When I check my web mail mail account settings in the properties tab, sometimes it shows up with the long name sometimes the short name.

Outlook users, once their account settings are tweaked in Outlook do not have this problem.
I have submitted a support case to Zimbra Support, but if anyone can assist... Otherwise I will post the resolution here when I get it which should be real soon...