syncrequest folder by folder!!

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syncrequest folder by folder!!

Postby Jhonmicky » Thu Oct 17, 2019 9:37 pm


This is my first post on this forum, so feel free to tell me I'm not at the right place or if my post is not well formulated

We use zimbra and we allow some other sofware editor to interface there software to our zimbra.
One of this editor, is trying to synchronize the mailbox of there customer forlder by folder to go faster, but some stranges behavior append and the result of the syncrequest is quiet inconsistant

He use this method :
For each folder he begin to do a syncrequest without token to initiate, and after he launch syncrequest with the token return by the first sync.

One think I dont understand is that the first token return by the syncrequest is the same for every folder.

The tocken seems not to be dependant of the folder.

I try to reproduce this and I have the same result than the editor

After I try to use a single tocken for all the folder, but I steel have some inconsistant result.
For exemple :
I get the first tocken ==> token1
I sync inbox folder ==> token1
I sync test folder ==> token1reverse phone lookupnba reddit pcpartpicker

I send a mail to myself
I sync inbox ==> token2 and 2 deleted msg
I sync test ==> deleted msg also
I read the mail in the inbox
I sync inbox ==> token3, no modified msg
I sync test folder ==> token3

I wonder if the syncrequest support folder by folder sync

Any help is welcome

Best regards

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