Implications Zimbra using CPAL-1.0 for web interface

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Implications Zimbra using CPAL-1.0 for web interface

Postby mivaho » Fri Jun 06, 2014 5:26 am

Was wondering what the implications are for changes that can be made to, for instance, the logon page to the open source version now that the CPAL license is going to be used.
There is an attribution exhibit b but if the logo should be the same size as the one linked to, then there isn't much reading space left so you may probably scale that one down.
What would be the minimal visibility needed on the login page for someone to still comply with exhibit B? And do you need to continue that on the mail interface or is it only needed on the logon page?
Would be nice to have some minimal directives on this somewhere

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Implications Zimbra using CPAL-1.0 for web interface

Postby 13546dalmate » Wed Jun 11, 2014 3:18 am

As I read, in this license they said that:

[QUOTE]Each time an Executable, Source Code or Larger Work is launched or initially run (including over a network), a display of the Attribution Information must occur on the graphic user interface employed by the end user to access such Covered Code (which may include a splash screen)[/QUOTE]

So now we must include Zimbra's logo any where and any time.

But as I've seen, this license is not good for an opensource project althougth they said with this license:

[QUOTE]By moving to OSI-approved licenses, Zimbra will increase contributions from the open source community that will drive innovation and enhance the quality of its software. Zimbra also looks forward to increased compatibility with other open source projects, so that customers, partners and end users receive greater benefit from integration across the open source software ecosystem. [/QUOTE]

Who can points to me about that thing?

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