Filtering mails in specific folder

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Filtering mails in specific folder

Postby wullxz » Fri Dec 06, 2019 1:06 pm

I want to filter mails that are in a specific folder.
The Filtering should check if there are older mails with the same ticket tag in the subject and delete the older ones.
So the rule is not limited to one mail at a time but rather compares all mails in that folder with one another.

Right now I do this using a python script using imap for myself. It's basically doing this:
- get a list of all mails sorted by date from newest to oldest
- parse ticket tag and look for other mails with the same ticket tag
- delete older mails with same ticket tag

I'd like to move that filtering to the mail server and discovered zimlets but I'm lost here. It seems that zimlets are basically there to extend the webinterface.
We're mostly not using the web interface (using Outlook or Thunderbird).

Is it possible to implement a filtering of a complete folder with a zimlet and let it run in the background (even though the webinterface is not loaded) or is there any other mechanism that's suited for this?

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