Personas, Delegation and IMAP Signatures

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Personas, Delegation and IMAP Signatures

Postby serginho » Sat Oct 10, 2020 12:32 am

Collaboration and Webmail are not new for me, but Zimbra is. So forgive me if I'm making a mess of my installation.
I think the best way to post this question is by describing my scenario:
A department has two employees, E1 and E2, each one with his own email address ( and and Zimbra account.
For some reason, E2 got fired. Now, until a replacement his hired, E1 will have to attend to his own emails and E2's.

At first, it seemed very straight forward for me: POP or IMAP E2's account into E1's account, set a new signature on E1 for E2 emails and we are done. Well, it didn't work as I would expect.

I have tried several combinations of Personas and Delegations, but when one issue is fixed, another one pops up. By issues I simply mean:
- When responding an email that came to, I woud expect Sender address and signature to change accordingly
- When composing an email from E2's IMAP folders I would expect the Sender address and signature to change accordingly
- In both cases, it would be better if the email (responded or composed) was stored in E2's Sent folder

I was able to accomplish these tasks partially:
Using Delegation, I was able to store the sent messages in E2's Sent folder
Using Persona, I was able to automatically and correctly select the appropriate address

Am I missing something? Or is it Zimbra missing this combination? Because this seems a very likely scenario, specially these days, and is something I have dealt with in the past several times with other Webmail apps.

Any comments are appreciated. Thank you very much!

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Re: Personas, Delegation and IMAP Signatures

Postby 7224jobe » Mon Oct 12, 2020 10:25 am

Hi, I do not know if what you ask is possible using POP/IMAP, you probably have to tinker with your client settings with signature and personas. However, using Zimbra webmail is possible: take a look here ... a/?lang=en and in zimbra documentation: ... our_behalf
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Re: Personas, Delegation and IMAP Signatures

Postby serginho » Mon Oct 12, 2020 6:41 pm

Thanks, 7224jobe.

Like I said, I've done it in the past with other webmail client (now out of business), so I know there is a way.
The way Zimbra does it is odd, any way. For example, if I (E1) set an external IMAP account (E2) and send an emal using E2 as the sender, the RAW file on the destination client will contain my email address (E1) in most sender fields (smtp.mailfrom, Return-Path, Received-SPF, ARC-Authentication-Results, Authentication-Results). Of course, the most important ones (Reply-To and From) show E2, so the message is correctly delivered. Replies also work. Still, seems odd.

The instructions in the links sent are, indeed, very detailed. I'll take a closer look and post the results.

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