Account delegates disappears

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Account delegates disappears

Postby UnbornD9 » Fri Mar 16, 2018 2:29 pm

Hi to everyone, sorry for my english:

Try to explain my problem, I got Zimbra 8.6.0 version, we used to create "structure account", an example might be "systems@domain.loc" with share inbox and account delegates.
If my email legion@domain.loc have the delegate I can "send as" or "send on behalf of" "system@domain.loc".

I attached two screens to this post.

Sometimes, after randomic time, although if I can see the delegation, the user can't select "send as" or "send on behalf of".
So I have to remove delegation and give it again, user must logout from zimbra and login again, so they can select the "structure account".

Do you have idea about this behavior?
How could I fix it?

Thanks and sorry if I use some wrong terms, we have Zimbra in italian so I don't know the traduction of our "buttons"

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