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Enhancement request: Add CLOSE button in fixed screen postion

Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 9:29 pm
by JDKruse
I am running Zimbra Desktop 7.3 BETA under Windows 10 64-bit.
I would like an enhancement made to Zimbra Desktop when I am viewing an email (in the main Zimbra Desktop window rather than a new window) that would place the CLOSE button in a fixed part of the screen (in the same line as the REPLY, REPLY ALL, and FORWARD options for example) because when I receive a rather long email from someone and scroll to its bottom, I have to scroll to the top to see the CLOSE button when I am finished reading an email. Of course, if there is a shortcut to close an email in this situation that I am not seeing, please let me know what that option is and I will see if that satisfies my requirements.